How to extend life of your smartphone or tablet, and avoid it from overheating?

  1. Remove unnecessary apps and photos for a faster phone or tablet.
  2. Use a tempered glass screen protector.
  3. Use a sturdy case.
  4. Turn off the phone or tablet regularly to help it run more efficiently.
  5. Keep the battery in good shape and avoid overheating to lengthen the life span of the phone or tablet:
    1. Charge your phone or tablet often, such as at 75% battery level, for a few minutes (charging only when the phone or tablet is almost out of battery decreases the life span of the battery)
    2. To avoid overheating:
      1. Don’t use wrong or knockoff chargers;
      2. Don’t leave the phone or tablet in a hot car for long time;
      3. Keep the phone or tablet out of direct sunlight;
      4. Don’t charge the phone or tablet while it’s in a bag or place that traps heat;
      5. Avoid the situation that may puncture the battery (and replace a punctured battery immediately); and
      6. Remove the phone or tablet case while charging if necessary.
  6. Don’t exercise with your smartphone or tablet in your pocket to avoid sweat from moisturizing your phone or tablet.
  7. Secure your smartphone or tablet while driving to avoid dropping it.
  8. Avoid viruses and malware.
  9. Take advantage of cloud storage for a faster phone or tablet (and minimizing the risk of loss data).
  10. Run those app updates for a faster phone or tablet.