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Adobe Captivate - statistically one of the best eLearning authoring tools at its price range.

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Product Highlights

Create beautiful, mobile-ready courses in minutes with the all-new Quick Start Projects, ready-to-go slides and out-of-the-box interactions.
Speed up course creation using automated branching and by copying appearance and style of one object and applying it to another.

Now you can edit SVGs and convert them to buttons, play overlay videos on clicking a VR hotspot and add multiple overlay slides at any point of your interactive video.

Jumpstart Compliance and Soft Skill course creation with ready-to-go slides
Just plug-and-play your content in ready-to-go slides or use Quick Start Projects to create beautiful, mobile-ready projects in minutes.
Convert existing PowerPoint Content to Interactive Videos
Record your PowerPoint content as a video and add cool interactions and knowledge-check questions as overlays on top of your video.

Create Virtual Reality walkthroughs and mobile-ready courses
Create experiential learning such as - virtual tours, crisis management, safety drills, first responder situations and more. Create courses using mobile-ready slides from the asset store. Also, customise the fluid boxes and use the inbuilt course preview to see your content scale to different device sizes.
Talking-head Screencast
Talking-head Screencast and Application Simulation
Create a screencast by simultaneously recording webcam and on-screen content. Add a simulation module by capturing all on-screen actions like mouse movements, system audio and keyboard activity.

Create Multi-module
Create Multi-module Branched Courses
Achieve branching without programming. Ensure your learners complete each module of the course before they can attempt a quiz.
Out-of-box Assets, Interactions and Quizzing
Text-to-speech, quiz slides and a host of plug-and-play interactions such as drag and drop, click and reveal, that you can customise just by swapping in your images and replacing the text.

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