Website Design & Development
Website Design & Development
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Website Design & Development

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Solutions for Website Design & Development.

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Customized Products.  Email support from Langya Tech.
Typical delivery time (online delivery):  Depends on your requirement.

Product Highlights

Website design usually involves two main components: UI & UX design.
Web UI Design
To make sure your website:
  • Is designed to portray your business and brand in the most appropriate style,
  • Is error-free and can be viewed perfectly well on any devices (e.g. smartphones, tablets and PCs), and
  • Has great consistency in the layout, colors and fonts.
Web UX Design
To ensure:
  • Your website visitors can effortlessly navigate and find exactly what they want,
  • All functions work perfectly on all devices (e.g. smartphones, tablets and PCs), and
  • A smooth interactive website to convert visitors into customers.


We usually adopt one of the following 3 approaches for website development:
WordPress Development
  • A high percentage of websites worldwide are built based on WordPress due to its open-source template system, large variety of plug-ins and funtionalities, and great SEO.
  • We leverage WordPress as our Content Management System to customize and optimize the website for you.
Laravel Development
  • For more complex website development projects, portals, and dashboards, we may use this highly popular open-source PHP framework.
  • Laravel offers highly-regarded security features, and its framework is built for scalability and growth.
  • The latest PHP standard also makes the code highly legible and reusable.
Other Development
  • We can also deploy solutions such as PHP, HTML, CSS and JavaScript for any development.  Please contact us for more.

More Information

Please contact us for more information and quotation.
Typical Workflow
  1. You contact us, and we'll sign a confidential agreement if required.
  2. You discuss your requirements and desired output with us.
  3. We go back, draft and evaluate different potential solutions for you.
  4. Discuss the suitability of our potential solutions with you.
  5. We'll start the project once you're fine with our solution, and communicate with you throughout the project.