TeamViewer Pilot (Annual Billing)
TeamViewer Pilot (Annual Billing)

TeamViewer Pilot (Annual Billing)

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TeamViewer - statistically one of the best remote connectivity and support solutions at its price range.

Augmented Reality Remote Collaboration Software from TeamViewer.

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Product Highlights

TeamViewer Pilot is a remote assistance solution powered by augmented reality that enables you to connect to your support requesters and see what their smartphone camera live streams to your computer or mobile device while allowing you to draw, add text, or tag real-world objects with 3D markers for reference.
Even if the camera moves away from the tagged objects, those annotations stick to them, enabling you to collaborate effectively and guide people through troubleshooting, problem-solving, product setup, or maintenance steps efficiently — as though you were there in person.

Solve problems faster
Enable your service technicians and customers to get instant support from experts with interactive video support calls and minimize machine downtime.

Accelerate Knowledge Transfer
Onboard and train junior technicians quicker by enabling senior experts to guide them remotely and record important sessions for future training and faster knowledge transfer.

Reduce Costs
Reduce travel costs by minimizing on-site visits with remote expert help for service technicians and customers.

Improve Processes and Operations
Improve processes and operations with dynamic, contextual information exchange through a collaborative peer-to-peer remote support AR session.

Stay Secure
All remote sessions are AES-256 bit end-to-end encrypted, complying with SOC2, HIPAA/HITECH, ISO/IEC 27001, ISO 9001:2015, and GDPR.

Innovative Business Models
Innovate and expand your Service Level Agreements (SLA) with AR-powered remote support. Digitize and optimize service processes, such as after-sales, and dealer support.

Mechanical Engineering
Assist your customers setting up, running, and maintaining your machines remotely with TeamViewer Pilot — increasing uptime and customer satisfaction.

Manufacturing and OEMs
Using TeamViewer Pilot, you can reduce your service resolution time and additional downtime costs: quickly reach remote experts, show them the problem through the camera of your smartphone or smart glasses, and let them guide you to the solution. The results? Faster, more precise fault detection, significantly reducing human errors.

Chemical and pharmaceutical industry
With TeamViewer Pilot, your remote experts can now monitor every situation and provide comprehensive asset and process data to the on-site service technicians increasing their efficiency and productivity, while ensuring safety.

Energy Industry
With TeamViewer Pilot, your remote teams are always able to reach out to your experts on the mainland when they need information for complex maintenance tasks — with secure, fast, stable connections, even in low-bandwidth environments.

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