Website Maintenance
Website Maintenance
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Website Maintenance

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Solutions for Website Maintenance.

Warranty & Shipping Information

Customized Products.  Email support from Langya Tech.
Typical delivery time (online delivery):  Depends on your requirement.

Product Highlights

There are 3 optional services for website maintenance:
Update Services
  • Help keep the information on your website maintained and up-to-date.
  • Maintain plugins, subscriptions, and necessary security or data updates.
  • Update your website with new design and development.
SEO & Big Data Services
  • Assist you in analysing and summarizing information and data about the website (e.g. from Google Analytics) to identify trends, opportunities and improvement needs.
  • Improve SEO to generate better traffic and lead online visitors to your site.
Special Monitoring Services
  • Perform advanced uptime, page load, transaction monitoring and reporting
  • Get real-time information by checking your website every minute for different alerts, analysis or audit

More Information

Please contact us for more information and quotation.
Typical Workflow
  1. You contact us, and we'll sign a confidential agreement if required.
  2. You discuss your requirements and desired output with us.
  3. We go back, draft and evaluate different potential solutions for you.
  4. Discuss the suitability of our potential solutions with you.
  5. We'll start the project once you're fine with our solution, and communicate with you throughout the project.