Pricing & Inventory

Why do the prices of branded and refurbished products change over time?

We use proprietary algorithms and analytics to determine the most competitive prices we can offer to you based on different factors (e.g. supply and demand) at any point in time.

The prices in our website get updated regularly to reflect the latest information.  The prices of refurbished products change more often as their supply and demand is more dynamic than brand new products.

Is the inventory level of your products up-to-date on your site?

Yes, we update our inventory level on our site on a daily basis.  Please feel free to complete your order online.  If an item in you order is somehow out of stock and we cannot fulfill your order within a reasonable period, we'll refund your order on that item.

Can I order an item for a quantity of more than 2?


We typically set the inventory level available in the website much lower than the actual level.

For bulk order, please fill in the Custom Order Form.  We’ll then set up a custom order on our site for you to complete the purchase.