Xiaomi AX3000 WiFi 6 Router [2-Pack]

Xiaomi AX3000 WiFi 6 Router [2-Pack]

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Xiaomi AX3000 WiFi 6 Router (2-Pack) - a relatively new product.

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Brand New.  Parallel Imports.  90-day limited warranty.
Usually dispatch from Hong Kong in about 0-2 business days.

Product Highlights & Information

Xiaomi's mesh system provides full coverage for complex home arrangements Xiaomi Mesh System AX3000 (2-Pack) combines into a mesh network that provides Wi-Fi 6 coverage throughout the home, covering up to 4,000 square feet of space. Xiaomi Mesh System AX3000 supports mesh networking with the same model and/or Mi Router AX9000 for up to 10 total devices.
The signal roams between different routers automatically and seamlessly, allowing you to play as you go.
Mesh system with self-repairing* capabilities In a mesh network created using Xiaomi Mesh System AX3000, when a failed node is detected, the entire network architecture is re-planned to ensure normal mesh network operation.
The easy-to-use mesh set is smart and simple to install Xiaomi Mesh System AX3000 (2-Pack) bundle is pre-configured at the factory, so no complicated set-up is required, and it is ready to use*.
It's now easy to enter the high-speed Internet era, with no expertise required.
Get started right away and enjoy lightning-fast Wi-Fi 6 Xiaomi Mesh System AX3000 (2-Pack) offers 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands, each with 802.11ax technology. The two bands offer a combined dual-band wireless speed of up to 2976Mbps *.
That's nearly twice the speed of a typical AC1200 router.  1024 QAM technology is also faster than Wi-Fi 5's 256 QAM, so you don't have to wait for high-speed Internet access.
160MHz high-bandwidth for a superb experience
If bandwidth is like a highway, conventional 2-lane traffic systems are always congested.  With the Xiaomi Mesh System AX3000 (2-Pack), however, the width of every lane, and speeds in the 5GHz band are doubled *.
Enjoy an ultimate smooth online experience, even when connecting with multiple devices.  OFDMA technology allows routers to process data flows from multiple devices simultaneously when large