Video Editing
Video Editing
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Video Editing

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Professional Multimedia Outsourcing Solutions - Video Editing.

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Customized Products.  Email support from Langya Tech.
Typical delivery time (online delivery):  Depends on your requirement.

Product Highlights

Our professional video editors have completed over thousands of projects covering the following categories:
Real estate videos
Wedding/kid videos
Explainer videos
Motion Graphics
Travel and Blogging
Green screen/Chromakey
Tutorials and video-manuals
Video presentations and slideshows
Compiling Stock footages
YouTube videos
Short Films
Gaming videos
Montages and Highlights
Music videos

The video editing services we can cover include but not limited to:
Forming Sequence
Organizing clips
Cutting and Editing clips
Using transitions
Adding effects
Removing objects from videos
Using Modern Motion Graphics
Using descriptive Lower Thirds
Title, subtitle and Text Animation
Color Grading
Speed Ramps
Audio compositing and SFX

More Information

Please contact us for more information and quotation.
Typical Workflow
  1. You contact us, and we'll sign a confidential agreement if required.
  2. You discuss your requirements and desired output with us.
  3. We go back, draft and evaluate different potential solutions for you.
  4. Discuss the suitability of our potential solutions with you.
  5. We'll start the project once you're fine with our solution, and communicate with you throughout the project.