Photo Editing - General
Photo Editing - General
  • Charger l'image dans la galerie, Photo Editing - General
  • Charger l'image dans la galerie, Photo Editing - General

Photo Editing - General

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Professional Multimedia Outsourcing Solutions - Photo Editing.

Warranty & Shipping Information

Customized Products.  Email support from Langya Tech.
Typical delivery time (online delivery):  Depends on your requirement.

Product Highlights

Our professional photos editors have completed over thousands of projects covering the following:
Any Photoshop Editing & Retouching
General Editing
Fine edge masking
Photo retouching enhancing
Photography Color Correction
Image compositing
Picture Resizing or Cropping
Old Photo Restoration and Enhancement
Photo Manipulation
Object Addition or Removal
Cut out unwanted people or object from your image
Magic text cut out from the image
Photo Background removal
Correction - add missing part of your photo
Create shadows
Remove mannequin & neck joint, people or any object
Spot, scratch removal
Wrinkles removal and Clothing Retouch
Background removal and Clipping Path Service.
Editing Type (Examples)
Retouching with Realistic Perfect Skin
Fashion/Beauty Photo Editing
Product Pictures Editing and Retouching
Jewelry Picture Editing and Retouching
Skin/Makeup/Hair Beauty Retouching
Body Photography Editing
Headshot retouching
Portrait Retouching

More Information

Please contact us for more information and quotation.
Typical Workflow
  1. You contact us, and we'll sign a confidential agreement if required.
  2. You discuss your requirements and desired output with us.
  3. We go back, draft and evaluate different potential solutions for you.
  4. Discuss the suitability of our potential solutions with you.
  5. We'll start the project once you're fine with our solution, and communicate with you throughout the project.