Teramind Employee Monitoring Software UAM - User Activity Monitoring (1 User, Annual Billing)
Teramind Employee Monitoring Software UAM - User Activity Monitoring (1 User, Annual Billing)

Teramind Employee Monitoring Software UAM - User Activity Monitoring (1 User, Annual Billing)

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Teramind - statistically one of the best employee monitoring software at its price range.

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Product Highlights

Privacy Friendly User Activity / Employee Monitoring
Teramind's UAM/User Behavior Analytics (UBA/UEBA) solution comes with everything essential you will need for employee monitoring, third-party monitoring, insider threat detection and workplace productivity optimization use cases.
Real-Time User Activity Monitoring
Teramind monitors employee activity covering 12+ system objects all in real-time. These objects include:
Web pages
Console commands
File transfers
Instant messages
Social media
Online meetings
On-screen contents (OCR)
Business Intelligence (BI) Reports
Teramind comes with powerful, Business Intelligence reports to help you visualize the monitoring and analytics data. Choose from dozens of predefined templates or create your own customized reports with a powerful report builder. Compare hundreds of data points, filter them by trends, or create KPI snapshots with drilled down analytics. Export and share the reports across the team.
User Behavior Analytics
Intelligent behavior analysis can detect malicious activity and anomalies that indicate deviation from normal behavioral baseline. Dynamic risk scoring and vulnerability scanning identifies insider activity before they represent a real threat.

Policy and Rule Engine
Get started right away with hundreds of pre-built rule templates, activity classification lists and data categories. Create your own policies and rules with an intuitive, visual rule editor.
Use keywords, regular expressions, lists and other conditions to easily define your requirements. Create monitoring profiles for individual employees, groups or departments.
Built-In Productivity Optimization
With PC activity monitoring you can define which apps and websites you consider productive. With Teramind’s UAM, you get in-depth reports on how your employees utilize them. Monitor the web activity of users to identify the laggards or high performers with active vs. idle time analysis.

Establish a continuous feedback loop to refine and adjust your organizational workflow. The tracking of schedules, projects, and employee engagement will provide an overall productivity boost to your business.
Remote User Monitoring
With Teramind UAM, you can:
Monitor work-from-home employees, vendors, contractors and freelancers
Remotely view and control user desktop (RDP)
Enforce security policies and rules even when the user is offline
Monitor external users on servers, terminal servers and session hosts such as Citrix.
Audit and Forensics
Just a few of Teramind’s powerful audit and forensic capabilities include:
Video recording of all employee activity
Session recording
Behavior alerts and risks reports
Immutable logs
OCR search
Optional audio recording
Together they provide a vast collection of investigative data to locate the source of an insider threat with pinpoint accuracy.

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