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Audio and music equipment repair and maintenance service

Audio and music equipment repair and maintenance service

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Product types that we can repair or help on maintenance or alteration
Our technician(s) can repair or alter most audio or electronic music equipment (subject to part availability) including but not limited to headphones, earbuds, preamps, audio interfaces, amplifiers, karaoke systems, speakers, microphones, turntables, midi keyboards, etc.
We can help perform regular cleaning for audiophile headphones and earbuds in order them to maintain top sound quality. 

Benefits of Our Audio & Music Equipment Repair & Maintenance Service

  • Save money and time by avoiding buying new audio equipment
  • Extend the lifespan and functionality of your audio and music equipment and prevent further damage or malfunction
  • Enhance the sound quality and performance of your audio and music equipment
  • Reduce your environmental impact by reducing electronic waste and supporting the circular economy
  • Convenient as remote procedures and payment methods are possible

Procedures of Our Audio Equipment Repair Service

  1. Contact and tell us about the required scope of services for your audio or music equipment.
  2. If we can accept your product to conduct an initial inspection, we will notify you whether an initial inspection fee will be incurred or not (e.g. headphones or earbuds usually do not require any initial inspection fee unles we need to open up your equipment).
  3. If you would like to go ahead with the inspection, you will have to submit an order online here, and then ship or drop off your equipment to us.
  4. If we need to open up your equipment for further inspection before providing you the final quotation of the service, we will notify you about the inspection fee before we charge you and begin the inspection.
  5. If eventually you choose to pursue the service, the inspection fee paid can be used to pay for the final total cost of the service.  Otherwise, the inspection fee is not refundable.  
  6. Once we complete the service or you decide not to pursue our service, we will notify you when the item is ready for pickup or delivery.

    Special Terms & Conditions

    • As your item is an used item, there is a chance that other issues may come up, or have already existed, with the items during the period when we are in control of your item or during delivery by courier companies - we will not be responsible or liable to those issues.
    • Unless you have received written consent by us, any shipping fees incurred for shipping the item(s) to your and/or from you will be borne by you.
    • We reserve the right to reject any items for this service.
    • In case of any dispute, the final decision of Langya Tech shall prevail.
    • For other terms and conditions, please visit terms and conditions page here

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