• Making captivating music

    We use innovative approach to create and produce music pieces.

  • Bringing you special music

    We find special musicians and bring their music to you.

  • Managing your music career

    We help unique musicians to develop their career and realize their goals.

Music creation, production, post-production & publication

We specialize in creating original memorable music pieces. We also offer services for any parts in other's music projects!

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Music Workshops & Classes

We adopt different technologies to workshops and classes to enhance your learning experience and help customize your curriculum to fit your interests and needs.

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Live music performance

Our musicians provide live band, music, or DJ performance for different occasions such as corporate events, launch ceremonies, private parties, wedding banquets, etc.

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Artist strategy & management

We help amateur musicians to develop a successful slasher music career, and help professional musicians to further their career.

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Music Gear + Technology Support

We are an award-winning technology provider for hardware, software and technology solutions .

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Audio and music equipment repair and maintenance service

We fix any audio and electronic music equipment, and provide maintenance e.g. for audiophile earbuds and headphones to extend the life and value of your equipment.

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