Our Offering for Refurbished Products

Our process for refurbished products
We source refurbished products only from the best refurbishers worldwide (out of over 200+ refurbishers under our monitoring).
We also quickly inspect the refurbished device after we receive it to ensure it works and looks great before we pass it to you.
Refurbisher's process
Each device is professionally tested, refurbished and verified by our suppliers to have 100% functionality before it leaves the factory.
Appearance of products
Usually looks like new, may have minor wear sometimes.
Battery condition of products
Smartphones and tablets:  80-100% of original battery capacity.
Warranty coverage
We offer 90-day or 180-day limited warranty for refurbished products.  Click here to read more about the related terms for the limited warranty.
Accessories come with refurbished smartphones
Typically comes with a box and charging cable.
Refurbished products are not guaranteed to maintain their waterproof seal.
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