Technology of Music Production

  • Chapter 1: Sound and Signal Flow

    • Understanding the nature of sound and how we perceive it
    • The components necessary to record audio into a computer
  • Chapter 2: The DAW

    • Understanding the essential editing tools in contemporary music production provided by all DAWs
  • Chapter 3: The Mixer

    • Exploring the basic functionality of both hardware and software mixing boards
    • Including volume, pan, mute, solo, busses, inserts, sends, and sub-mixes
  • Chapter 4: Dynamic Effects

    • Tools for effecting the dynamics of tracks and their use in a musical context
  • Chapter 5: Filter and Delay Effects

    • Audio effects that modify the actual quality of recorded sound
    • Examining equalization and delay and their many offshoots
  • Chapter 6: Synthesis

    • Exploring the synthesizer, a major tool in contemporary music production
    • Learning how a synthesizer works to describe sound and facilitate effective communication in music collaboration

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